Our Priority Services Updated: 18 June 2020

Our Priority Services

Welcome to Eskisehir City Hospital. 

As Eskişehir City Hospital, we are committed to providing the right treatment with the right diagnosis and the right health service at the right time.
On the basis of this thought, we equipped our facility with the advanced technology equipment and expert staff.
Since opening date 27 October 2018, our hospital has served as a comprehensive health facility over 330.000 square meters.
There are 1115 beds in our hospital, 175 of which are in intensive care.
In our hospital has got 254 polyclinics 
3 day operating room
2 Manyetic Resonance Imaging (MR) Device
2 Tomography Device
44 anesthesia device
3 angiography device
In Biochemistry Microbiology Pathology Genetics Areas, has all devices for all examinations and the other necessary medical equipment.
In addition to the latest technology capacity of our hospital, in the field of health tourism, there are many services that we highlighted.
Plastic surgery deals with aesthetic and reconstructive surgery (repair surgery). Cosmetic surgery improves the person's appearance and self-perception by reshaping normal body structures. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal body structures that are congenital or subsequent causes, and its primary purpose is to restore the functions of the affected body structures as much as possible. 
In our depatment we provide Rhinoplasty surgery, Abdominoplasty surgery, Mammoplasty surgery, Otoplasty surgery, Blefaroplasti surgery. 
The skin is an organ that is susceptible to diseases due to its constant contact with the external environment. In daily life, dermatological disorders may be easier due to frequent exposure to environmental factors, chemicals, allergens and similar stimulants. Skin diseases may cause aesthetic and cosmetic problems in some cases and difficulties in performing daily functions in some cases. Therefore, dermatological diseases should be treated immediately as soon as they are noticed. The diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases are handled by the physicians in the Dermatology departments, also known as the Skin or Skin and Venereal Diseases, after 6 years of medical training and 4 years of specialist training. 
Dermatology department of Eskişehir Şehir Hastanesi is specialized in diagnosis and treatments of skin, hair, nails and mucosal surfaces of mouth and genitalia. Aveliable treatments in our Dermatology Department are Cryotherapy (Freezing) Phototherapy (Local and Whole Body) Dermatoscopy (Mole Examination) Botox Treatment for armpit to treat excessive sweating Electrocoterization Eximer Lazer therapy for localized vitiligo Punch and Excisional biopsy Vasculer laser treatments
Burns are the most serious and most painful injuries we may encounter in daily life. Burns are the form of wound that care and treatment require long-term and special methods.
Our burn unit provides advanced service with its 8 bed capacity, 1 operating room and hydrotherapy area and expert staff. First aid in burns is vital. Our unit provides successful service in this field with its trained personnel. In addition that, the most important surgery of burn treatment such as graft surgery, escharotomy and debridement are performed successfully in our unit. In this process, psychological support and rehabilitation of the patient is provided

Angio Unit
Interventional Radiology
ROP ( Retinopathy of Prematurity) Examination and Treatment Center
Robotic Walking Rehabilitation Device
Hand Surgery
Pregnancy Informatıon Class
Traditional and Complementary Medical Techniques
Sleep Study Laboratory
Radiation Oncologoy
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Intensive Care Unit
Burn Center
Gynecologic Oncology
Palliative Care

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